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More or Less Church

Joanna Depue "DJ/Deacon J" writes original songs and liturgies, does daily Farm office work and records Barbara's eMos on The Geranium Farm. A singer and dog trainer she utilizes healing touch in her private massage practice. PLEASE share YOUR original ideas for worship, special liturgies, prayers, songs, sermons and noteworthy blogs right here.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another story from a fellow Geranium Farmer

Alice Klatt now has her own blog that you can check out:

I wanted to share her recent writing with all of you in this forum. Thank you, Alice for sharing this with us AND for congrats on starting your own blog!

When Turtles Fly

Christmas is small groups season: family, parish, and scads of little clusterings of friends with some common meeting ground be it choir, exercise class or board membership. They all feel moved to celebrate their mutual cause or interest with a little party of some kind. Today I myself have to choose between three such parties and the two that won't make the cut still need all the people who make up the group to be complete.

This is a long step from my Christmas experience last year when I was newly moved, newly single and full of fear. I took refuge in a church in Ohio where my son is pastor, helping him with the services and sharing Christmas dinner with his wife's lovely family. I'll miss that reunion this year but I know how to be thankful for the renewed and new relationships here at home in Beaufort.

Today there is a Christmas gift on my shelf that I especially like. It is soft brown coffee mug with the the outline of a sea turtle etched in white on one side. The turtle is tilted upwards, both flippers at the top of their range of motion, birdlike, flying in water rather than air, a different medium, but same winglike pattern.

One day very soon I will pay a visit to my future resting place in St. Helena Church cemetery and place some poinsettias there beside my partner for 53 years. Emil and all the friends in nearby graves are flying in a different medium now, one they could hardly find words to describe if they met me now. I'll just have to go and see for myself one day and then we'll be a group again, complete as more and more of us arrive. Then the fear and the tears of this world will form a dark background for the shining bliss of the next. Let those of us still in this phase of life wing on. Our medium is hope.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Third Sunday of Advent

"God for whom we watch and wait,

you sent John the Baptist to prepare the way of your Son:

give us courage to speak the truth,

to hunger for justice,

and to suffer for the cause of right,

with Jesus Christ our Lord." Amen

- from the website of the Church of England :Additional Collect, The Third Sunday of Advent

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